Other people's hiking blogs

I'm just finishing a zero day where I have access to a real computer with real internet (read: not the 3G connection on my phone), so I thought I would post links to blogs that friends of mine are keeping for their long hikes this year. I've done my hike and my blog a certain way, but as these other ones show, there are many ways to skin a cat, both with hiking and writing.

Most of these are people I've met on the PCT so far, but I knew Spins from the AT in 2011; she did the PCT last year and is now on what sounds like a perilous adventure on the Continental Divide Trail. For a taste of what I'm probably going to be doing at some point in the next few years, go to http://spinscdt.blogspot.com.

I met Tribhu in the very early days of the PCT (Julian and Idyllwild). He is way far ahead of me by now. There's a spiritual angle to his hiking and writing, at http://awalkofsurrender.blogspot.com.

I haven't seen Rocket Llama since Big Bear City. She is way far behind me by now. For an example of people having way too much fun on a thru-hike, and someone who writes exactly like she speaks, read her trail journal at http://www.trailjournals.com/alejandrawilson

I hiked with Muk-Muk for a day in the Sierra around VVR, and at the time didn't even know she was blogging. But her page got recommended to me recently, specifically because of the post on July 18 where she posts several videos of being stalked by a mountain lion for an entire night. Her blog is at http://mexicotocanada2013.wordpress.com.

My foreigner friends Lenny and Becca, aka Captain 'Murrica and Concrete Babe, have a rarely-updated but always entertaining blog at http://beaton-berg-cake.blogspot.com. They're not even planning on thru-hiking anymore, so this could turn into more of a general travelogue as they visit places like New Orleans, Orlando and San Diego before their visas run out.

Finally, if you want to read about two donkeys and a Frenchman wandering all over North and South America, visit Pascal's blog (I met him around mile 125 and again on Glen Pass when his donkeys were in a spot of bother), http://longears2chile.blogspot.fr.